Saturday, December 4, 2010

The depositions are scheduled for 24 January 2011 in Bangor, Maine. K1MAN is inviting K1TP, ARRL, CQ, K3VR, and W5YI to attend if they wish.

The jury trial will be held sometime AFTER 2 August 2011 before United States District Magistrate Kravachuck who has been removed from the case.

The Bar Overseers have responded to K1MAN's complaint. They declined to take a phone call from K1MAN, and he is now going to the next level (Dear Abby) regarding the Complaint against U.S. Attorney Delahanty who was a former Maine Supreme Court Judge and also a Superior Court judge known quite well by Mr. Baxter going back 40 years.

Selected amateurs are also invited to the depositions. The trial will be open to the public. K1MAN will publish the depositions and the trial on CD (free for a blank CD and return postage).

73 and GL de K1MAN
Founder, Einstein Is My Bitch Institute (EIMBI)