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K1MAN BULLETIN - 12 October 2005 - B051012A -


IARN, the International Amateur Radio Network, is fully activated for
the Southern Asia earthquake disaster. Amateur radio volunteers
with self sufficient and portable AMTOR capabilities are STILL needed
for immediate deployment. A current passport is also a must. Call
207 495 2215 for immediate deployment information. Traffic is being
accepted at

IARN is the world leader in emergency amateur radio communications
and is sponsored by AARA, the American Amateur Radio Association.
Join today! AARA Membership

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

RRAP 10 1105

>From QRZ.COM:

Topic: Countdown to B-Day, Days Until K1MAN License Expiration

With mere days to go until Glenn Baxter's license expires, one wonders
if the FCC will act to deny the K1MAN renewal application. Considering
the numerous allegations regarding rules violations and character
issues surrounding Baxter over the last ten years, it seems likely the
FCC will affirm the $21,000 NAL and designate the renewal for a hearing
in front of an administrative law judge.

If the renewal is designated for hearing, the judge could order Baxter
off the air during any possible appeal process. If Baxter fails to pay
an affirmed NAL, he could run afoul of the FCC's "red light rule" which
would prohibit him from obtaining any benefit from the FCC until his
debt was paid.

Baxter's "bulletin" has been notably absent from 75 and 20 meters since
early summer. This is reminiscent of 1999 when the FCC was taking an
active interest in Baxter's activities. Baxter disappeared for a period
of two years, and later resumed his activities after the FCC turned its
attention elsewhere. Baxter has claimed he was teaching high school,
and he actually sued the FCC, allegedly for suggesting they had
something to do with taking him off the air. Baxter lost the suit.

An interesting website documenting Baxter's career in amateur radio can
be found here:

73 and GL de K3VR

Monday, July 27, 2009

RRAP 9 13 05

Sifting through prior posts, I found one relevant and worthy of
reposting. Where some hams are raising K1MAN's pyschology, what better
commentary can we have than from Glenn's Wife, Bonny, which Glenn
himself published?

The following was posted on January 21, 2003. It is reposted with one
caveat: The Logan Act is raised when, better, The Patriot Act should be
"Answering W4ASX editorials, today Baxter fired back. (In the
attachment which follows) we learn that he equates himself to Bill
Gates and Ted Turner, that people in Dayton ask for his autograph,
that AARU is a registered trademark and that had 64,582
hits during the month of December. But more to the point: 'My wife
Bonnie says I am a narcissist.'

Bonnie is on the money. DSM, the internationally accepted manual of
mental disorders, defines narcissism as 'An all-pervasive pattern of
grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration or adulation
and lack of empathy, usually beginning by early adulthood and present
in variety of contexts.'

We all have characteristics that track DSM, but the difference between
an order and disorder is dysfunction. If the characteristics give rise
to a 'presenting problem, then the person is said to have a disorder.

Quite simply, the issue comes down to whether Glenn's narcissism is all
pervasive, invading, penetrating, and molding every aspect, nook, and
cranny of the personality, which is, granted, a subjective judgment.

The moment I witnessed the forays into foreign policy in Bougainville,
I thought that line had been crossed. And now listening to Sam and
Glenn talk about operations in Iraq, Jordan, Israel and Somalia, I know
they've entered forbidden territory.

Their activity violates the Logan Act, which prevents private citizens
from conducting foreign policy. Glenn's response: 'And we have done
some wild things around the world over the years. But in violation of
the Logan Act? Come on Bob, who is deluded now?' In fact, Glenn
embraces some of the same people we, worried about homeland security,
oppose. Shouldn't a responsible leader be open, in the very least, to
the possibility of adverse consequences?

As Brian, K3VR, who has compiled an amazing dossier on Baxter
operations in the arena of foreign policy, writes: 'Whether he is ill,
naive, stupid, or a bona-fide spy, won't matter one iota to the
agencies who have questions about his actions. They will want
satisfactory answers to significant questions.' Our security demands no

As to his respected Wife's assessment of narcissistic mental state,
Baxter drops one more hint in the attachment. "Anyway, I sent Bob the
$25 and he said he never got it. It did not come back so, being
paranoid, I figured Bob was stiffing me." Unbelievable, this after the
closest working relationship where I had proved my honesty time and
again. Characteristic of Baxter, he does not disclose in the attachment
(identification of check, i.e. date and number), leaving, for the
readers, that cloud of suspicion remaining, a classic Baxter tactic.

DSM identifies the narcissist as 'interpersonally exploitive,
i.e., uses others to achieve his or her own ends.' It gives us closeup
insight into his apparent view of himself: of the omnipotent,
worldwide, IARN Network with offices girding the globe engaged in
missions befitting Mother Teresa, his views sought out by leaders of
the free and non-free worlds as well as important media, such as the
Wall Street Journal and major TV Networks.

We are left with an impression of grandeur, when, in fact, this is but
one person, Glenn Baxter, and his Radio Shack recorder on timers and a
loop. We would be less than honest if we didn't acknowledge a certain
value in the production and distribution of such a bulletin.

To read the DSM criteria for narcissistic disorder is to gain full
insight into Baxter. Having 5 of the following qualifies him: 1)
Feels grandiose and self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and
talents to the point of lying, demands to be recognized as superior
without commensurate achievements), 2) Is obsessed with fantasies of
unlimited success, fame, fearsome power or omnipotence, unequaled
brilliance ..., 3) Firmly convinced that he or she is unique and, being
special, can only be understood by, should only be treated by, or
associate with, other special or unique, or high-status people (or
institutions), 4) Requires excessive admiration, adulation, attention
and affirmation -- or, failing that, wishes to be feared and to be
notorious narcissistic supply), 5) Feels entitled. Expects
unreasonable or special and favorable priority treatment. Demands
automatic and full compliance with his or her expectations, 6)
'interpersonally exploitive' ..., 7) Devoid of empathy. Is unable or
unwilling to identify with or acknowledge the feelings and needs of
others, 8) Constantly envious of others or believes that they feel the
same way about him or her, and 9) Arrogant, haughty behaviors or
attitudes coupled with rage when frustrated, addicted, or confronted."

Quoting Baxter: "He (meaning me) has been on Prozac for several years
now and recently a mood regulator as well ... . While apparently
making him happier, I now find Bob to be a different functioning human
being with regard to his great intellectual abilities."

"For sure, Glenn; thanks for the kudos. Depakote, a mood regulator,
prevents those leaps into grandiosity, bad judgment, irritable
episodes, pressured speech. The intellect remains, albeit, for more
productive pursuits. There isn't a person in my inner circle,
including myself, who has failed to notice a vast change for the
better. For some, Depakote (makes) miracle(s).

Consider it Glenn. Just a bit of harmless Depakote can make you the
achiever you've only imagined thus far.

Bob Sherin, W4ASX"


rumour has it that....
Bataxter is having a number of KFM so called drones onin the next week or 2

Saturday, July 25, 2009

10 5 05

One thing good if baxter is tossed out all the little anti baxter
people won't have nothing to bitch about anymore, Their little pathetic
life will come to a end....hmmmm only 12 MORE DAYS :)

I kind of hope he fights it and wins then a will laugh my ass off at
you Anti-Baxter's morons

Todd N9OGL
editors note Todd was proven wrong sadly they just moved on to atack others

Thursday, July 23, 2009

rrap 10 5 05

On the Mary Tyler Moore show, Ted Baxter is an incompetent shell of a
man. He's selfish, inflated, overblown, egotistical, insecure, and very
very dumb.

Baxter's role model is Walter Cronkite. Although devoted to his wife,
Baxter has reproductive "issues." We're never told but my guess is,
he's impotent. Baxter is the proverbial talking air-head - no one
respects him.

So why did we enjoy following Baxter's antics?

It's simple. His idiocy made us laugh. He was the quintessential clown;
the court jester; the fool.

I'll miss our amateur radio version of Ted Baxter. In less than two
weeks his license will expire, and although he'll undoubtedly try to
get his license renewed, there's a huge doubt as to whether we'll ever
hear another original "broadcast."

I often wonder if Baxter, like another tragic clown, Pagliacci, is
crying on the inside. The comedy is nearly ended, and we may never

This has been an editorial by John Johnston.

John Johnston

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

raap 9 19 05

In article <>, says...
> It isn't over yet, there is a long process that the FCC and K1MAN has
> to go through. including a hearing before an administrative law judge
> and the US Court of Appeal.

However, his "broadcasting" days are about to come to a close -- owing
to the FCC "red light rule" discussed in other threads, the setting
aside of his renewal application is going to put him off the air at the
expiration of his present license. If he continues transmitting after
that date, he'll start racking up more fines for unlicensed

Forget soap operas and "reality shows." This stuff is =way= more


-- //Steve//

Steve Silverwood, KB6OJS
Fountain Valley, CA

Sunday, July 19, 2009

rrap 91705

As hurricane Katrina passed over New Orleans the ARRL hams ran away as
K1MAN knew that they would. So in K1MAN Bulletin 050912A K1MAN directed
his followers to "Head toward a hurricane/disaster zone. At some
point you will meet cars heading out as they evacuate. Many will have
cel phones and many of those will be non functional or overloaded
because of the very real communications emergency that you are there to
assist with. Now you park in some public place and solicit OUTGOING
TRAFFIC from anybody who is in need."

K1MAN directed that all of these messages be sent back to IARN
headquarters or to your home base by AMTOR (preferred), SSB voice, or
even CW for handling there by ordinary hard line telephones. From
there, hundreds of volunteers loyal to K1MAN and IARN stood ready to
deliver them to destination.

In the Newsline I received today is the following misleading
information obviously designed to discredit the great K1MAN.


If you get an e-mail or read an announcement from an unfamiliar ham
radio group that urges you to head toward the disaster area with AMTOR
gear, please ignore it. This is not an official request coming from
any agency directly associated with the relief efforts.

All official requests for ham radio aid being issued by the various
relief agencies are being funneled through the American Radio Relay
League and no place else. If you have any questions about the
authenticity of any Amateur Radio aid request please check the postings
at That's where you will find the latest and most
accurate listing of this emergency's ongoing communications needs.

The great K1MAN cannot permit this falsehood to go unpunished. The
millions who follow his divine leadership condemn this feeble attempt
by the Newsline to harm the image of K1MAN and the IARN. We who believe
the great K1MAN to be the one true ham leader demand a retraction and
apology now. If these are not forthcoming, K1MAN and IARN will file
tort litigation in this matter against all who listen to the Newsline

Saturday, July 18, 2009

He's crossed the line numerous times: doing foreign policy, defaming
Riley Hollingsworth, going commercial. But he has a case

When Ervin Duggan was FCC Chief Commissioner in the 80s, Baxter
received two NALs similar to the present. Dutifully, he spent a great
deal of time on his response, serving same on the FCC by regular mail.
When the mail was "lost," Baxter resorted to Federal Express with no
better result.

So, here was an agency, pre-Hollingsworth, that had issed two NALs and
had purposely sandbagged K1MAN's answer -- with good reason.

In his answer, Baxter cited two documents of probative value. One was
a letter to Kenneth Black of Ulmerton, UK, responding to his complaint,
that gave K1MAN's operation a clean bill of health, equating it to W1AW
bulletins. It was signed by Robert McNamara, Chief of the FCC,
then-Private Radio Bureau.

The other was a declaratory order on the subject of the length of
Information Bulletins with a footnote that referred to W1AW published
schedules. The essence of the order was, information bulletins cannot
be proscribed by time limits since they are so varied. Rightly or
wrongly, Baxter has drawn his authority to come on when he does from
that Order's footnote.

Small wonder the FCC disregarded K1MAN's answer, which essentially held
that the issue of the NALs had already been settled in his favor. In
legal argot, res judicata.

Though most hams, including myself, want to march Baxter right out of
this service, justice dictates something else. The FCC, it seems to
this commentator, has the burden of first addressing its previous NALs
of the 80s which were never resolved.

An agency of government simply cannot throw a flurry of similar charges
at a citizen, selectively unresponsive to those that can be defended,
while arbitrarily limiting its attention to subsequent charges.
Certainly, to the extent the previous NALs are similar, the legal
principle of collaterol estoppel comes into play in Baxter's behalf.

I don't like what Baxter does any more than you. Indeed, I think he
lost his way years ago. But if we're to have justice for all in these
United States, then we must afford K1MAN justice. Let's not throw out
the baby with the bath water.

Bob Sherin, W4ASX

Friday, July 17, 2009

RRAP 10 15 05

Like a theologian, Glenn Baxter cites chapter and verse of the U.S.
Constitution. Trouble is, he hasn't the least idea how it works.
Despite his strident claims of being denied due process, nothing of the
kind has occurred. In fact, he's received more due process than any
ten hams: If we did a fraction of what he's done in the face of FCC
citations, we'd have gotten the boot long ago.

His nonsensical invocation of the Constitution has neither rhyme nor
reason. He would urge upon us an interpretation that does not take
into account the huge body of case law coming down from the federal
courts, which interpret the slim provisions of our great instrument.

A quick analogy spotlights the point: In 1868 the Fourteenth Amendment
was ratified giving all citizens of these United States due process and
equal protection of law. For African-Americans at the start of the
20th Century, however, equal protection meant separate but equal, only
to change midway with Brown vs. Board of Education to be truly equal.
This, of course, gave rise to affirmative action and busing. So, for
the real deal on our Constitution, we must look to the courts, a
direction to which Baxter appears blind.

>From reading him, you'd think that we not only should dispense with the
FCC's interpretation of Part 97 but the Supreme Court's intrepretation
of agency power as well.

The FCC does indeed have the power of taking draconian measures to
enforce. And this includes withholding license renewal pending future
hearing while requiring the licensee to stay off the air in the
meantime. If an agency didn't have such power, it stands to reason
that we'd be subjected to anarchy of the airwaves, the very thing the
FCC is empowered to prevent.

Must the FCC take a ham off the air before his administrative hearing?
No. Case in point: Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ. Even after he was
convicted on three felony counts (2 of which were later reversed with
one remaining that should have been reversed, in this commentators
view), the FCC allowed him to operate. He was on the air all the way
up to the adverse decision in his administrative case -- at which time
the FCC granted him a grace period before he was removed. (He's since
gotten his license back.)

Riley Hollingsworth is uniquely suited for his enforcement role with
the Commission because he tempers enforcement with humanism. He sees
his job as one in which, by gaining the cooperation of the regulated,
he obtains volutary compliance. There are many hams, including this
writer, who have been regulated thusly by Riley and who stand with him.
A large slice of the discontented do not realize how much this one
regulator has accomplished without incurring the back breaking expense
of litigation.

His domain is one area of the U.S. government that works with efficient
precision, fixing an astonishing array problems with few resources.

Contrary to popular belief, the FCC, loath to judge First Amendment
subject-matter, doesn't object to information bulletins per se. In
reasonably formal language, the agency has equated Baxter's to ARRL
bulletins. There are, however, aspects of his operation that
Hollingsworth has questioned. In response, Baxter, expressly spoiling
for a fight, replaces the FCC's interpretation of Part 97 with his own,
owning a unique position in the panthion of justice of advocate,
regulator,agency, judge, court and jury.

Whatever arguable equities he brings to his cause, like replicating
ARRL's practice of starting on a published schedule, he cannot flout
FCC authority and expect to stay on the air until his administrative
hearing. And when that takes place, there is nothing that vitiates his
declaration that he will continue operating without FCC authority.

This declaration is utterly at cross purposes with staying on the air,
because no government agency can bend to express non-compliance to such
important action and hope to be an effective regulator. Not only that,
but how can an express law breaker incapable of regulation claim to be
rehabilitated later? (Perhaps a mental defense.) Likely he has sealed
his fate forever as not possessing the integrity to be a ham.

During KV4FZ's long odyssey, he conducted himself with respect toward
the Commission, and it reacted favorably by affording him lattitude.
Because K1MAN is conducting himself in opposition, he is and will be
treated accordingly.

There's an appropriate, hackneyed expression: You can win more friends
with honey than vinegar! Aging fast, Baxter's shelf life is short.

Bob Sherin, W4ASX

now for some background stay tuned to this blog for reposts of classic coments about k1man form the archives of RRAP and other sources on the net

please stay tuned

k1mans returens

fromt hsi sie but likely long since scrolled off


I agree with you. I would like to talk with you for this week's program. Why has it taken
so long for Senator Collins to reply? I sent her (and the FCC) about three pounds of reprints and thank you letters to IARN......she probably had to have me checked out since
Brian Crow claims I am a terrorist, etc. I am not, of course.

You and I will talk mostly about IARN's big plans for the future and new plans my ham radio talk show.

I will telephone you as soon as my primary 80 meter antenna is back in operation. Before Sunday. I am using another 80 meter inverted V for the "broadcast" right now.

Great photos! Thanks!


P.S. Currently using a 3-1000 on 20 and a Collins 30L-1 on 80. Lots of fans! I sometimes run barefoot.

CERTIFIED MAIL: 7008 3230 0001 6393 1969

20 June 2009

Mr. Tracy Simmons
1270 Fairfield Road
Gettysburg, Pa. 17325

Dear Mr. Simmons:

Can you advise me how many more years it will take the FCC to act on
my timely filed amateur radio station K1MAN license renewal
application? It has been pending for almost 4 years now.

Attached is a summary of relevant information to refresh memories.

Thank you in advance for your prompt and professional attention to
this matter.

Glenn A. Baxter, P.E., K1MAN
Licensed Professional Engineer

CC: Senator Susan Collins
United States Senate
Washington, D.C.

From Glenn Baxter, K1MAN
14 April 2008

Thank you for your interest and comments about K1MAN. There is major ignorance out there about this matter which I wish to address here.

All K1MAN transmissions have been legal, and this is why the FCC cannot stop them without changing Part 97 rules.

The FCC can issue their silly (uncollectible) fines all they want and delay (almost three years now) renewing K1MAN's license as long as they want, but they cannot stop K1MAN's on the air operations because K1MAN is licensed (even while a renewal application is pending), and is legal, and they know it, and they are afraid to go to court and be made fools of.

K1MAN "broadcasts" are all legal. Most hams forget to look at the FCC definition (as
opposed to a dictionary definition) of "broadcast," which is a transmission intended for the general public. Don't like it? Petition the FCC to change the rules.

Transmissions must be of direct interest to the Amateur Radio Service, which would include everything ever transmitted by K1MAN. There is no time limit or other content limit on amateur transmissions except a ban on profanity. You can call Riley a bum or you can call Glenn a bum if you wish. You can be called a member of the "Amateur Nazi Party (a ficticious joke to make a point, or course)." K1MAN has never transmitted profanity.

You can publish a schedule and then come on without listening as both K1MAN and W1AW have been doing legally for years. If you don't like it, petition the FCC to change the rules. This is good engineering practice in the opinion of both K1MAN and W1AW.
Bad engineering practice would be to put one way W1AW or K1MAN transmissions on different frequencies from day to day.

K1MAN used timers to start transmissions exactly on time (for 17 years), as is also done now by W1AW. Current K1MAN policy is to check the band on or near 14.275 MHz. and come on a clear spot sometime in the morning, and run all day, and then do the same thing sometime in the evening on or near 3.890 MHz. and then run all night. This solves the so called QRM complaints. The odd times make it more difficult for galactic lids such as Brian Crow, K3VR to intentionally jam (a felony) the K1MAN transmissions.

The closest that K1MAN comes to pecuniary interest is to announce (publish) that the transmitting schedule can be found at This is far less commercial than "QST, QST, QST, this is W1AW in Newington Connecticut." QST, of course, is their magazine for sale. Then you have to buy an ARRL handbook to check the accuracy of your code practice! K1MAN is also less commercial than talking you in to a ham fest where you then pay to be admitted. K1MAN has never solicited money on the air.

K1MAN is legally remote controlled. The most recent inspection of K1MAN by three FCC engineers from the Boston office verified this 100%.. In a previous attempt by the FCC to inspect K1MAN, they went to the unattended transmitter site and did not bother to telephone to ask where the remote control point was on that day. The FCC lids in Washington, of course, reported some of the latter and none of the former.

K1MAN uses timers to start the transmissions exactly on time as is also done by W1AW.

IARN (the International Amateur Radio Network) is not baloney. IARN was officially
recognized by both the State of Maine legislature and Vermont Academy for emergency traffic work world wide. These honors, of course, were never mentioned in QST.

K1MAN deplores the antics of VE7xxx.

The FCC officially equated K1MAN to W1AW in an FCC letter dated 2 November 1989 from FCC Special Services Division Chief Robert H. McNamara:

"….We are familiar with the nature of the transmissions by K1MAN and find that they fall in the same category as transmissions by amateur station W1AW….."

The Supreme Court has ruled that this letter by the FCC constitutes the rule by res judicata and that nothing written by Riley Hollingsworth can change it. The only way
around this is for the FCC to change the Part 97 rules themselves.

K1MAN has been legally "broadcasting" for 20 years. Of course there have been a few
technical errors from time to time. A missed ID, a tape jam, the access of a wrong tape by a newly installed cassette system, perhaps. There is no rule saying you must monitor your own on the air signal. If something goes wrong at K1MAN, the phone usually rings immediately. Worst case is a card from an ARRL Official Observer or a Notice of Violation from an FCC Engineer in charge.. You don't wait several years and then revoke someone's license over minor technical errors!

Opinions and editorials. Some say this is bad. I say it is good to have robust opinions expressed over amateur radio.

Ya know, if you don't like it, turn the dial or hit the off switch!


Riley Hollingsworth runs a very sloppy operation. Regarding K1MAN, he doesn't have a leg to stand on. He knows it. If he or ARRL or my detractors could do something about K1MAN they would, in a heartbeat. It only takes 51% to be elected President.
To the other 49%, or whatever the number is, that don't like K1MAN for whatever reasons, well, welcome to America! Vote with your hands and turn that great big dial on your radio! 73 and GL de K1MAN.

Dear Mr. Baxter,

Thank you for copying Senator Collins's Augusta office on your letter to the FCC. Your supporting documents demonstrate you have a wealth of experience and have been widely recognized for your expertise and accomplishments. Our office would be delighted to help you in your efforts, but to do that we need to get your written permission to do so. If you would like Senator Collins to engage on your behalf, please call our Augusta office and we will be happy to discuss how to go about this. Chuck Mahaleris and Michelle Michaud are in most days, and have a lot of experience assisting constituents. Our local office phone number is 207-622-8414. Thanks again for including Senator Collins on your correspondence.

Best, Bill Card

15 July 2009

Senator Susan Collins
Muskie Building
Augusta, Maine 04330

Dear Senator Collins:

You have a copy of my Certified letter dated 20 June 2009 to the FCC regarding my amateur radio K1MAN license renewal application which has been "pending" for four years this month with no action on it whatsoever. I think the U.S. government can do better, act more professionally, and act in a more business like manner. I know you will agree.

I hereby request that you "light a fire" under the Commission and request that they act in a more responsible manner. They have not even acknowledged my letter.

Keep up the good work for us in Washington; we are very proud of you!


Glenn A. Baxter, P.E., K1MAN

There you go sports fans, the latest update from Glenn-K1MAN...


given it appears that K1man has returned to ariwaves after an absense of several years I decided what the heck I would blog about K1man this blog neither supports nor opposes K1man Howver in covering him since he has developed a a following of true haters the blog may appear to slant against him. I do hope to be fair and balanced and if k1man wants he should contact the editor here