Wednesday, July 29, 2009

RRAP 10 1105

>From QRZ.COM:

Topic: Countdown to B-Day, Days Until K1MAN License Expiration

With mere days to go until Glenn Baxter's license expires, one wonders
if the FCC will act to deny the K1MAN renewal application. Considering
the numerous allegations regarding rules violations and character
issues surrounding Baxter over the last ten years, it seems likely the
FCC will affirm the $21,000 NAL and designate the renewal for a hearing
in front of an administrative law judge.

If the renewal is designated for hearing, the judge could order Baxter
off the air during any possible appeal process. If Baxter fails to pay
an affirmed NAL, he could run afoul of the FCC's "red light rule" which
would prohibit him from obtaining any benefit from the FCC until his
debt was paid.

Baxter's "bulletin" has been notably absent from 75 and 20 meters since
early summer. This is reminiscent of 1999 when the FCC was taking an
active interest in Baxter's activities. Baxter disappeared for a period
of two years, and later resumed his activities after the FCC turned its
attention elsewhere. Baxter has claimed he was teaching high school,
and he actually sued the FCC, allegedly for suggesting they had
something to do with taking him off the air. Baxter lost the suit.

An interesting website documenting Baxter's career in amateur radio can
be found here:

73 and GL de K3VR

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