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AMERICAN AMATEUR RADIO DIGEST – A A R D – 29 October 2009 091029C (5:32 PM EST)
Edited by Glenn A. Baxter, P.E., K1MAN, AARA Executive Director and IARN Manager
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K1MAN transmissions of the IARN Amateur Radio Talk Show and Bulletin Service are on 14.275 MHz. USB and 3.890 MHz. LSB, plus or minus QRM, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. This schedule will be modified during an emergency IARN activation; such as bulletins on 14.272 MHz.
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Greetings from Europe. My name is Anthony Smith, a very active Radio Amateur over here. I have been listening with interest to K1MAN’s bulletin service since its comeback after almost 4 years of complete silence. What’s with that? I really don’t wish to engage in the K1MAN debate, but I do believe Glenn is within his rights. Sure, it’s a big deal to transmit 24 hours per day on an international band such as 20 meters or even simulcast 80 meters as K1MAN does now, 365 days per year starting last July. He runs anything available of interest to the Radio Amateur or submitted to K1MAN for airing. If you write him a nasty e-mail, he sends a nasty e-mail back and asks you be a guest on next weeks program UNEDITED. Few take him up on the offer. I choose to submit this editorial.
I am a professional broadcaster and can’t help but hold K1MAN to “professional standards” since K1MAN is heard world wide. Glenn claims that K1MAN is an AMATEUR operation with some special circumstances that justify less than justify less than a professional standard. Much of K1MAN’s audio is so called “telephone audio” which drives me up the wall. K1MAN uses unconventional low cost production methods seemingly inconsistent with an international broadcast station which in fact, K1MAN is, but without commercial advertising or support from religious groups. But I know of no other short wave broadcast station that used single sideband. That plus amateur band protection allows K1MAN to be every bit as effective as mega powerful Voice of America or Radio Moscow. That fact has raised some eyebrows here in Switzerland.
Now to my point. Given the huge “splash” on the amateur radio scene by K1MAN’s spectacular comeback using an expired license, you would thing that ARRL or Bill Pasternak’s Amateur Radio Newsline would report on this and/or comment on this. SILENCE! What’s with that? This is not newsworthy? This, in my view, is one of the hottest amateur radio news items of 2009. July, 2009 CQ magazine pictures Riley Hollingsworth inducted into the Hall of Fame along with Texas Instruments engineer Jack Kilby who invented the integrated circuit. What did Riley do to deserve such an honor? Oh, he got rid of K1MAN, you say. But K1MAN came back on the air during the very same month of July. Do you get my drift here?
I understand K1MAN asked for mega powerful United States Senator Susan Collins to ask the FCC why it is over four years without any action on K1MAN’s FCC license renewal. Her only response was to introduce a bill in the United States Senate to have the Department of Homeland Security study the potential role of Amateur Radio during a national emergency in the Unites States, such as the phones and the internet going down. My guess is that they will not bother to as much as discuss this with K1MAN, who has an international reputation as being an expert in ”hands on” emergency communications, but rather discuss this with ARRL bureaucrats who have zero hands on experience with large scale amateur radio emergency communications. Just a guess, mind you. As before, K1MAN will probably pull light years ahead while the bureaucrats of ham radio just sit around and talk about how important they are….certainly too important to report on the spectacular re-emergence of K1MAN who really seems to be a ray of hope in out beloved but troubled radio hobby. E-mail your comments to me in care of 73!

K1MAN ESSAY - ES081015
Suppose there are a total of ten people in ”sample town” who each own 11 shares of “sample stock” in “sample corporation.” You move into town and purchase one share of “sample stock” from each person for $100 per share. Now each of the 11 people in town own 10 shares. Does this mean that each person owns $1000 worth of stock? No! The stock only has the value of what someone is willing and/or able to pay for it. The total of 110 shares are not worth $11,000 unless there is “willing money” available to buy it.
The 10 people put that $1000 from you in “sample bank.” The bank then loans $800 of that money out to build a “sample house.” Is that $1000 in the bank really available to the depositors at any time? No!
The government spends more money than it takes in by selling treasury bills. The money for all of the treasury bills will never be paid back unless the government can raise enough tax money to do so, which will never happen, of course. This and the above examples are all “floats” or what I call “funny money.” If the world economy grows fast enough, these “floats” are “absorbed” and contained. If not, inflation will render money less and less valuable with a lower limit of zero.
World economic growth has been driven by cheap fossil fuel. As this fuel runs out, and therefore becomes more expensive, economic growth becomes more and more difficult. Eventually the whole system will crash, either quickly or slowly. Probably the latter. It is really quite simple. Much like a pyramid scheme, there is no free lunch in the long run. The laws of physics will eventually “kick in” and things will all balance out.
At the end of this rocky road there will be survivors. Even when the Hindenburg blew up, two thirds of the passengers survived. Most people survived the Black Plague. Probably no humans would survive a direct hit by a large asteroid, but some other animals might well evolve to intelligent life on par with or exceeding the intelligence of humans. Right now, 99% of all life on earth is now extinct. Life is far from a sure thing.
A significant risk to non insect life, of course, would be a large nuclear exchange. We might end up here on earth with intelligent bugs! But is intelligence really desirable or even a good idea? Only intelligent life could make a nuclear exchange possible in the first place!
In the meantime, be happy. We are advised by experts to spend time thinking good things about people we dislike, enjoy sex, and laugh.

In the above example, let us assume that all of the 110 shares of stock were paid for with hard cash. Those 110 shares have a market value of $11,000. Now a 12th person moves into town and buys one share from each of the other eleven for $110 per share. The net hard cash now invested to date in the 110 shares is now $11,000 plus $10 X 11 = $110 plus $11,000 = $11,110. But the so called market value of all the stock is 110 times $110 per share (just established by the last sale of 11 shares) = $12,100. The difference between the puffed up market value and hard cash value is therefore $12,100 minus $11,110 = 990. I will call this $990 “market puff.” By this market mechanism, all market value contains a significant amount of market puff, supposedly justified by growth in the corporation represented by this common stock.
Some of the market puff can be linked to corporation growth and some, I’ll call “cream puff,” is driven by strict casino type speculation. In any event, the 110 shares are no more valuable than someone is willing and able to pay for with hard cash. In this regard, the shares of the stock (or the stock market) is not a very sound place to invest hard cash for future needs such as retirement or children’s educations unless you want to depend on a float which also contains both puff and cream puff. In each sale, the seller is either gaining or losing money, not including any ,dividends, if any.

Similar to a chain letter, the stock market ,as an investment, is limited by demographics. When the baby boomers retire, there will not be enough hard cash from the stock market available to retire on.

Now a thirteenth person moves into town and buys one share from each of the other eleven for $90 in hard cash per share. Now we have 90 x 11 = 990 plus 11,110 12,100 in hard cash invested and a newly established stock price., etc…….. (to be continued)
Good luck and 73 de K1MAN.

We are getting many telephone calls and E-mails at IARN headquarters these days as amateur radio seems to be alive and well. There are too few connects with our AMTOR mailbox, and this must improve if the Amateur Radio Service expects to be ready for a major national/international communications emergency. There needs to be much more 80 meter HF in the cars out there to communicate with local Red Cross state wide when the repeaters go down. We noticed an article in this month’s QST about electromagnetic pulse, so there is concern about hams being ready for the worst. Maine and Connecticut Senators Collins and Lieberman have even introduced legislation to have the U.S. Department of Homeland Security do a formal study of potential rolls for Amateur Radio if something really bad happens. Getting ready for the worst can be fun!

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