Thursday, November 4, 2010

From: K1MAN

Date: 4 November 2010 3:02 PM Eastern


I hate to burst everyone's bubble, but there is no action against me by the Bangor District Attorney,
and I was not served on 27 October 2010 as you have reported. I think I would have remembered
something like that, just a few days ago! I know my short term memory is not perfect, but that
common problem started in my 40s!

Go to the Bangor District Attorney's web page and search under Glenn Baxter or K1MAN. Nothing!

Under federal law, I would be entitled to a trial de novo, and I would just love that! I would demand a jury,
of course, and counter sue the FCC, for good measure, since I would then have jurisdiction over the FCC
since they would have been the ones bringing the civil action in Bangor.

Common sense suggests the government wouldn't spend hundreds of thousands of dollars over a bogus
$21,000 claim anyway.

Oh, by the way, Riley woulld be one of the first I would subpoena as a witness! Then Dave Sumner to
explain how W1AW has fired up on people for almost 100 years. Etc. What fun, eh?

73 and GL
Glenn A. Baxter, P.E., K1MAN

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