Monday, August 3, 2009

ARRL membership is declining but not due to Glenn Baxter a/k/a AARA
a/k/a IARN. Baxter has made only one contribution to ham radio: He has
legitimized information bulletins put out by stations other than W1AW.

His other boasts are the sheer fantasy of a guy with a Radio Shack tape
recorder fancying himself another CNN.

Up to now, I have not been an ARRL supporter, but I think current
circumstances make membership in ARRL mandatory for all of us. That's
because the hobby/service has never before been under this much siege
on account of the escalating computer revolution.

Whatever you say about the ARRL -- self serving promotion, stacked
elections, censorship of views with which it disagrees -- it is, in
fact, the only institution positioned to help our hobby/service survive

Today it has my vote and soon my membership dollars. Rather than tilt
against ARRL, I believe it is time to work within the organization to
make it the democratic institution we'd all like to see.

Bob Sherin, W4ASX

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