Saturday, August 22, 2009

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In view of the FCC's recent mistakes with regard to BPL, and in view of
the Supreme Court's decision that the FCC overstepped its authority when
it allowd the broadcast flag, I and others have come to completely
mistrust that government organization. We are now mobilizing to resist
the FCC until Congress intervenes to correct the situation.

Toward that end, we have established the K1MAN Defense Fund and will
soon be seeking donations. If you share my belief that the FCC is
derelict in its duity, please help amateur radio by contributing to the
fund. Just as soon as the ARRL completes the paperwork to establish
itself as custodian of the K1MAN Defense Fund, further details will be
posted both here and in the pages of QST.

The FCC must not be allowed to continue its abuse of the radio services
at the behest of Washington lobbyists.

73, Paul W. Schleck, K3FU (phonetics: kay three fuck you)
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