Tuesday, August 18, 2009

rrap 602206

Last weekend I was zooming around the 20 meter bands when I heard
these morons on 14.275 Mhz talking about Glenn Baxter, and one of them
was Disco Dan W4NTI. Now I can understand that these "cry-babies" are
pissed off at Baxter and VE7KFM, but you would think these morons
would have better things to talk about them those two. I mean there
are a million other things they should talk about instead of those
two, I mean I can come up with millions of topics that don't relate to
Baxter or VE7KFM. But no, these inbred are obsessed with those two
that their on air behavior is almost embarrassing. They are in fact a
primary example of radio operators who take their hobby to seriously
and either need to back off of it for a while or be removed from the
service, because like Baxter and VE7KFM, their behavior is not wanted
on the amateur bands. No amateur should bad mouth another amateur on
the air, especially on a HF band.

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