Monday, August 17, 2009

Email re: K1MAN

Dear Attorney Smith,

I'm Bob Sherin, W4ASX, the person alluded to in K!MAN's letter to you that has been made public. There was a time when I was very much a part of the his Bulletin Service. But it didn't take me long to come around to a position against it, when the service started supporting revolutions in far off lands.

The interview Baxter refers to was indeed done, but it was a private endeavor on my part where I paid my own way. Baxter was fortunate to have gotten the material.

In no way do I endorse his present activities. Indeed I find him a classical narcissist (he has admitted same) polluting the airwaves. Please feel free to call me; I know a lot about his operation, both operationally and legally.

Bob Sherin, W4ASX

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