Saturday, August 15, 2009



Over the past two weeks we have been getting complaints that Newsline is jamming and in other ways harassing users of the frequency of 14.275 MHz on the 20 meter band.

For the record, we at the Amateur Radio Newsline are information providers only. We have no broadcast equipment and we air nothing ourselves. Our audio content is distributed over the Internet and by automated telephone and is formatted for retransmission specifically over VHF and UHF FM repeaters because that is where we believe that it belongs. It was never intended for retransmission on the High Frequency bands, however there are some hams who have chosen to do so for reasons known only to themselves.

If you are among those being interfered with on 14.275 MHz and live within the United States or its possessions, we suggest you obtain the call letters of the station that is doing the rebroadcast that is interfering with you and file a formal complaint with the FCC. It is the responsibility of that Federal Government agency to police the airwaves and only that agency can solve your problem.

That said, we would also question why anyone would even want to operate on or near 14.275 MHz. That is a frequency with a long history of being the home of numerous problems in our service.

With so many other frequencies available on 20 meters alone, there would seem to be no reason to congregate on 14.275 MHz other than to satisfy ones own voyeuristic needs. And in our humble view, that is not a good reason to tune a radio to that frequency.

If you cannot help yourself and feel a need to be there, please do not call or e-mail us to say that you were jammed or harassed. We will only respond that we warned you not to waste your time operating on or near 14.275.

There is simple solution to the problem of 14.275 MHz or any other frequency like it. Just don't bother listening and forget those who are making it into a mess even exist. (ARNewsline™)

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