Wednesday, August 5, 2009

RRAP 10 17 05

Since Baxter's license expires today, we can't really refer to him as
K1MAN anymore. It wouldn't be right, him not having a valid license and
all... He needs a new name! Anyhow, I ran across an article on qrz that
offered the perfect solution.

---begin article

Madonna reinvented herself. So did Prince, and P-Diddy, and Elvis is
known simply as "The King." Today I gave Glenn a few suggestions before
finally settling on a new moniker.

Here are my suggestions (with comments):

"Ex-K1MAN" (too formal)

"The unemployed person formerly known as K1MAN" (too accurate)

"X-Man" (too cartoonish)

"Bobo" (rhymes with Hobo and Homo)

Hmmmm. Now we're getting somewhere! The long form could be "Bobo the
Homo Hobo..."

This name (while long) seems completely appropriate, because Bobo is
friendly and unassuming (like Glenn) and Homo means Man, and a Hobo is
someone who is disenfranchised... and since Glenn is about to become
disenfranchised, it fits. I like it!

Since his license expires today, I suggest we refer to ex-K1MAN as
"Bobo the Friendly Clown!"

---end article

Anyhow, there you have it. Baxter's new name is Bobo the Homo Hobo - or
just Bobo the Friendly Clown. I think Bobo the Homo Hobo has a better
ring. Or just plain Bobo.

Here's the website referenced in the article...

Until next time,

This has been Johnny Johnson with your Radio Minute...

John Johnston

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